Frequently Asked Questions

What am I eligible to redeem with my ‘Gymnastics Voucher’?
You are eligible to receive one free gymnastics session at your closest participating club.
How do I receive my free gymnastics session from my closest participating club?
You must purchase a Little Star Gift Voucher booklet featuring the Gymnastics Australia voucher then visit To redeem your free gymnastics session voucher you must enter the voucher code, select your preferred club and then complete the registration form. Please note the Terms and Conditions /terms/ limit claims to 1 (one) Voucher per child per participating gymnastics club.
What happens next?
You will be contacted by your preferred club to book in your gymnastics session.
When does my voucher expire?
The expiry date is printed on the voucher and the voucher must be redeemed prior to this date.
Where is the closest participating club for me to redeem my gymnastics session?
Search for your closest participating club on the ‘Redeem’ page /search/.
What type of gymnastics session does the voucher include?
Most gymnastics clubs offer a variety of sessions to cater for differing age and ability groups such as KinderGym. They may also offer sessions in both recreational and competitive gymnastics. Classes provide an introduction to gymnastics involving a variety of fun and challenging activities which develop a wide range of physical attributes, providing the necessary foundations to build upon; including strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. All classes are conducted by qualified coaches. You will need to discuss this when you book your session with the club.
I have booked my gymnastics session, do I need to bring anything with me to the venue?
Yes, the voucher must be surrendered at the selected club at the time of redemption. This will ensure you are not charged for the lesson. The club member will provide you with any further information.
Does my voucher need to be an original copy?
Yes, only original printed vouchers will be accepted (photocopied, illegible, damaged, altered or scanned vouchers will not be accepted).
I am having problems with redeeming my voucher on the website, who can I contact to help?
For any queries, email or please call Gymnastics Australia (03) 8698 9700 – Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm AEST.